Annalee - The Magic is in the Smile! 24 Find the entire NEW 2019 Collection at Halloween 2019 4in Trick or Treat Toad #310019 $18 9in Hocus Pocus Hag #312119 $29 Harvest 2019 6in Trick or Treat Good Witch #311219 $25 6in Trick or Treat Wicked Witch #311319 $25 5in Trick or Treat Flying Monkey #311419 $25 6in Trick or Treat Wizard #311519 $25 Autumn and Thanksgiving designs featuring apples, foliage and a bountiful harvest make up this ever popular collection! 5in Sunflower Mouse #360719 $23 12in Scarecrow #361919 $29 5in Apple Orchard Couple #360319 $35 6in Indian Girl Mouse #361119 $27 6in Indian Boy Mouse #361019 $27 3in Indian Canoe Crew #360019 $32 The 2019 Halloween Collection is full of mischievous critters that create a “Hocus Pocus” holiday! New animals including a toad, octopus and alligator are more sweet than spooky! Don’t miss out on the best-selling Wizard of Oz series!