b'6in Native American Chipmunk 361222 |$376in Pilgrim Girl ChipmunkBUNDLE & SAVE 10% *Includes one 361122|$30 each of 361022, 6in Pilgrim Boy Chipmunk2022 Thanksgiving361122, and 361022 |$30 Chipmunk Trio*311222.Reg.$97 SALE $87.30Another Thanksgiving Classic!Everyone always asks where did you get those when they see my Turkey Pot Pie or Turkey Sandwich and now they will have another to ask about! He is absolutely adorable & I love his little feathers! - Kelly L.7in Turkey in Disguise361522|$30F REES HIPPINGE VERYDAYANNALEE.COM | 800.433.6557 ON ORDERS OVER$79 13'