Christmas Collection

Annalee’s 2015 Christmas collection is full of timeless styles that tell our favorite holiday stories, celebrate family traditions, and depict cherished memories shared by loved ones.

The Holly Berry Collection

Annalee’s 2015 Holly Berry Collection is a classic look with traditional symbols and colors of the season! It features a red corduroy fabric and traditional holly berry accents.

Jolly Lolli Elves

The Holly Lolli Collection is light, bright and playful! The line was named by one of our Facebook fans!

Christmas Mice

This year’s Christmas mice are bustling about doing all sorts of holiday activities! Some are outdoor mice enjoying winter fun and others are inside decorating, giving gifts, and getting ready for Santa!

The Tradition

Home to the classic felt creations of Annalee Thorndike, the Annalee signature style is widely recognized for superior quality, timeless style, and handcrafted authentic design.

The Magic

Made in limited quantities, no two dolls are exactly the same. Annalee dolls continue to be handcrafted by skilled artisans who infuse each piece with a spirit all their own.

The Smile

Annalee dolls have the power to capture memories and create meaningful moments, so celebrate each new season with a truly unique and collectable keepsake, "The Magic is in the smile".