Annalee is proud to welcome Buttercup, Coco and Boomer to the family! These classic plush bears are ideal for cuddling. Their ears and paw pads feature a special stitch resembling Annalee’s signature furrier stitch. An embroidered “A” for Annalee, adorns their left paws. Each of these special bears is available in two sizes making great gifts for all ages!

Annalee Boomer the Bear Plush Toy

Boomer is a playful pal and his belly is just waiting for a good squeeze! Boomer is a chocolate colored bear with rich tan ears, belly and paw pads. This lovable bear makes a good friend for all ages!

Annalee Buttercup the Bear Plush Toy

Buttercup is squishy and soft and full of sunshine! This honey colored bear will surely brighten someone’s day. It makes a great gift for all holidays and occasions. Buttercup is a sweet honey color with light tan ears and paw pads.

Annalee Coco the Bear Plush Toy

Coco is a sweet brown teddy bear that loves to cuddle. He hails from the woods of northern New Hampshire and tops the charts on the cuteness scale! He has light tan ears and paw pads.

The Tradition

Home to the classic felt creations of Annalee Thorndike, the Annalee signature style is widely recognized for superior quality, timeless style, and handcrafted authentic design.

The Magic

Made in limited quantities, no two dolls are exactly the same. Annalee dolls continue to be handcrafted by skilled artisans who infuse each piece with a spirit all their own.

The Smile

Annalee dolls have the power to capture memories and create meaningful moments, so celebrate each new season with a truly unique and collectable keepsake, "The Magic is in the smile".