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SpringSummer 2016 800.433.6557 8 Maple Street Suite 1 Meredith NH 03253 SAVE THE DATE BUILD-A-BUNNY MARCH 19th at the Annalee Gift Shop NEW Designs for SPRING EASTER 2016 COLLECTION Assembled in America Annalee - The Magic is in the Smile2 Easter Parade Girl Bunny 201916 12in 37.50 SPRINGAdd some springtime sunshine to your home with these cheerful decorations and gifts that will make your guests smile This 12-inch bunny is dressed in her Easter best Shell be a great addition to your table centerpiece Dear Friends This years Spring Collection includes designs that are sure to brighten your home From Easter bunnies and fluffy ducks to precious kitties and mice-there is some- thing for everyone Weve added some fresh new styles to the Assembled in America Collection. Be sure to check out the maple sugaring mice on p.12 and the new styles of Personalized Mice on p.16-17. We are proud to bring you heartfelt gifts and seasonal decorations that will warm your home Best wishes for a happy spring Your Friends at Annalee 800.433.6557 3 Free Shipping Everyday on orders over 149 Designer Favorite Easter Parade Boy Bunny 201116 6in 25 Chef Duck 201416 8in 30 Pretty Spring designs in pastel plaid Easter Parade Girl Bunny 201216 6in 25 Spring Bonnet Kitty 200316 4in 18.50 Spring Flowers Mouse 201316 6in 25 Superior Quality Handcrafted Gifts Decorations Since 19344 Artist Duck 200816 6in 25 Painting Pals 200616 5in 30 Celebrate Easter Traditions with Annalee This collection offers egg decorating duckies Easter basket bunnies and many other fresh new designs that will decorate your home for the entire spring season Designer Favorite 800.433.6557 5 Free Shipping Everyday on orders over 149 White Ducky 200016 3in 12.50 Catnip Garden Kitty 200416 4in 18.50 Yellow Ducky 200116 3in 12.50 Hatched Ducky 200716 6in 25 Puddle Jumper Frog 201716 9in 25 Add some springtime sunshine to your home with these cheerful decorations and gifts that will make your family smile Bunny with Carrot 201016 6in 22.50 DATES TO REMEMBER Build-an-Easter Bunny March 19th Easter - March 27th Mothers Day - May 8th Products subject to minor design and accessory variations Facial expressions vary making each doll unique6 Springtime Boy Mouse 201516 8in 27.50 Springtime Girl Mouse 201616 8in 27.50 Gifts that make people smile This 8-inch mouse couple is perfect for Spring Easter or Mothers Day Springtime Set Buy the Set SAVE 5 800.433.6557 7 Free Shipping Everyday on orders over 149 Spring Elf 202016 12in 25 Bloomin Bunny 201816 12in 35 Bunny Blossom 200216 3in 15 Ballerina Bunny 200916 6in 25 Bunny with Egg 200516 5in 18.50 Annalee - The Magic is in the Smile8 IRISH Celebrate St. Patricks Day with these designs clad in kelly green and accented with tweed and lots of shamrocks Lad Mouse 150316 6in 25 Lass Mouse 150416 6in 25 Designer Favorites 800.433.6557 9 Free Shipping Everyday on orders over 149 DATE TO REMEMBER St. Patricks Day March 17th Fun Idea Set a Leprechaun trap this St.Patricks Day with your kids. Use a tissue box coffee can or other simple container. Set some goldx wrapped chocolate coins inside and wait patiently while your mischievous Leprechaun is lured into your homemade trapWe want to see your clever ideas Post a picture of your project on our facebook page.Well choose a lucky winner on 31716 Pot O Gold Mouse 150116 5in 22.50 Jolly Irish Elf 150516 9in 22.50 Shamrock Kitty 150016 4in 18.50 Leprechaun Elf 150216 5in 18.50 Buy all6 designsSAVE10 TheSt. Paddys Set Products subject to minor design and accessory variations Facial expressions vary making each doll unique10 6in Watermelon Mouse 250516 22.50 3in Patriotic Picnic Pals 250116 30 Celebrate America this summer with this red white and blue collection PATRIOTIC Designer Favorite 800.433.6557 11 Free Shipping Everyday on orders over 149 3in Uncle Sams Kitty 250016 20 5in Firecracker Mouse 250216 22.50 6in Patriotic Surprise Mouse 250616 22.50 6in Patriotic Boy Mouse 250316 25 6in Patriotic Girl Mouse 250416 25 9in Patriotic Elf 250716 25 NEW for 2016 DATES TO REMEMBER Memorial Day - May 30th Flag Day - June 14th Independence Day - July 4th Annalee - Assembled in America Collection12 Maple Mouse 850116 6in 30 Sugar House Mouse 850216 6in 30 Only500 are beingmade Each isnumbered andsigned by thedesigner Assembled in America New designs for spring and summer Made in limited quantities each piece is numbered and signed by the designer These NEW designs are part of the 2016 Assembled in America Collection They celebrate the beloved New England tradition of maple sugaring Around the middle of February sugar-makers start tapping their maple trees. They hang their buckets or run their pipelines and then anxiously await the sap runs-hoping for warm days and frigid nights. After collecting the sap they use evaporators to boil it down to the golden deliciousness that we all enjoy on pancakes waffles and other delectable treats We hope these sweet little mice find a special place in your Annalee springtime collection. A Sweet Springtime Tradition Annalee - Assembled in America Collection 13 Celtic Crush Were excited to present our first Assembled in America St. Patricks Day design This five-inch couple will look dandy in your Irish display The lad wears a green felt suit and top hat while carrying a cane. His lil lady is all dressed up in a white blouse with lace trim and a kelly green skirt. She holds a pretty orange blossom. 850016 5in 45set Lilac Mouse A sure sign of spring is the smell of lilacs in the air This six-inch white mouse wears a cute little dress made of felt petals with a sheer lilac bow at the back. She holds a bouquet of lilac and violet colored blossoms This piece is a great ad- dition to any spring collection. She makes a great Mothers Day or Get Well gift too 850316 6in 30 Poppy Mouse In Flanders fields the poppies blow between the crosses row on row... Lt. Col. John McCrae 1915 This precious patriotic mouse reminds us of the brave men and women of the armed forces that have served or continue to serve our country. She proudly holds the iconic red poppy and an American flag. 850416 6in 30 Only500 are beingmade Each isnumbered andsigned by thedesigner Annalee - Assembled in America Collection14 Splish Splash Mouse Most popular Assembled in America item in 2015 This playful mouse will add smiles to your summertime 850615 6in 25 Flip Girl Ducky 850715 6in 30 Flop Boy Ducky 850815 6in 30 These fuzzy duckies are ready for a day at the beach Theyre a great gift for honeymooners or a momento to remind you of your family vacation. Enjoy this decoration all summer long Blaze of Glory Kick off your summer celebra- tions with this patriotic horse He stands proud wearing his stars and stripes 851415 8in 30 Doodle and Dandy are red white and blue through and through This pair will add smiles to all of your patriotic celebrations Only 500 are being made- dont miss out Dandy Doggie 850915 5in 25 Doodle Pixie 851015 9in 25 Only 500 are being made Each is numbered and signed by the designer Annalee - Assembled in America Collection 15 I Love You Mouse Sweet gift for Mothers Day Get Well or Just Because She wears blue jean overalls and a white t-shirt. 850516 6in 30 NEWITEM Songbird Suzie Heres a sweet mouse for spring summer Mothers Day and more Bird accessories come in a variety of colors. 850415 8in 32 Faith Easter Angel This pretty angel is perfect for your Easter centerpiece. She has a warm smile and holds white and lilac colored flowers. 851713 9in 32 Add a personalized base to create a unique gift or keepsake 970010 9.99 Mom to Be Mouse Perfect gift for a baby shower Idea Use it as a cake topper Place a small piece of wax paper under the doll to protect her little feet 850414 6in 30 Annalee - Assembled in America Collection16 Happy Birthday Mouse Heres a mouse thats ready to celebrate This is a white mouse with white hair and it can be personalized by choosing the bow color and base color see color choices below. Make it unique with a name or message that is embroidered on the base Hand-painted wooden birthday numbers can be attached for an additional 3 each. 253615 6in 25 NEW Style Celebration Mouse Perfect gift for various occasions...birthdays congratulations Mothers Day thank you and get well soon253515 6in 30 Create unique gifts for friends and family Assembled in America Scouts Mice Heres a great gift for the boy and girl scouts in your family Choose the hair color and a spe- cial message to be embroidered on the base Girl Scout 253516 6in 30 Boy Scout 253416 6in 30 Athlete Mice These mice make fun gifts or keepsakes for your sporty friend or family member Make it unique by choosing the hair color jersery color and sport Choose a base color and a name school or team name or a special message to be embroidered on the base. 253715 6in 30 NEW Style PERSONALIZED MICE Choose the hair color base color and message for the base Annalee - Assembled in America Collection 17 lt bluewhite pink red yellow green Base Colors Teacher Girl 253316 6in 25 Medical Mouse A perfect gift for your favorite doctor nurse dentist or even your vet Choose the hair color and scrubs color on this cute amber mouse 253512 6in 25 black Hair Colors brownblonde blackgray white violettan NEW Style cubby fox Teacher Mice Earn some brownie points with these teacher mice Choose the hair color and a special message to be embroidered on the base Teacher Boy 253113 6in 25 HERO Mouse Celebrate your favorite serviceman or woman with this Hero Mouse Comes holding an American Flag. Personalize by choosing hair color included in price 851315 6in 30 Branch Specific Flag available for an additional 3.00 Air Force Army Coast Guard Marines Navy and even POWMIA Specify no head lamp to create a nurse Superior Quality Handcrafted Gifts Decorations Since 193418 EVERYDAY The Everyday Collection celebrates lifes finest moments with family and friends 6in Wine Chef Mouse 251516 22.50 5in Vineyard Mouse 251416 25 800.433.6557 19 Free Shipping Everyday on orders over 149 Just Because Mouse 250916 6in 25 Graduation Mouse 251016 6in 25 Celebrate Family Milestones with these Memorable Gifts Keepsakes by Annalee New Style This three-inch white mouse holds a plastic pacifier and a cozy flannel blankie The bootie is made of a soft fleece. The colors are gender neutral making it perfect for a boy or girl 250816 3in 20 Celebration Mouse 251116 6in 25 Baby Shower Bootie Groom Mouse 251316 6in 25 Bride Mouse 251216 6in 25 Designer Favorite Products subject to minor design and accessory variations Facial expressions vary making each doll unique20 Sweetheart Boy Mouse 100216 6in 25 18.75 Sweetheart Girl Mouse 100116 6in 25 18.75 Together Forever Penguins 100016 5in 27.50 20.63 Heartfelt Elf 100516 10in 20 SALE 15 Valentine Girl Mouse 100416 8in 27.50 20.63 Send a smile to someone special this Valentines Day Sweet Baker Mouse 100316 6in 25 18.75 SALE25OFF VALENTINES Send a smile to your sweetheart Heartfelt gifts for friends and loved ones now up to 40 off 800.433.6557 21 Free Shipping Everyday on orders over 149 SALE40OFF Sweet Treats Mouse 100014-3in 18.50 11.10 Armful of Love 100414-6in 25 15 Purr-fect Pals 100614-4in 20 12 Key to My Heart Mouse 100514-6in 25 15 A. Sweetheart Girl Mouse 101214-8in 30 18 B. Sweetheart Chef Mouse 101314-8in 30 18 Love Pop Mouse 100314-5in 22.50 13.50 A. B. Queen of Hearts 251615 6in 25 Cheshire Cat 251115 6in 25 Mad Hatter 251015 6in 25 Alice in Wonderland 250815 6in 25 White Rabbit 250915 6in 25 Only 18.75 each Alice in Wonderland Storybook Series SALE25OFF Collect all 5 pieces Annalee - The Magic is in the Smile22 Leprechauns Boot Mouse 150114 - 3in 18.50 Good For What Ales You 150414 - 5in 25 Sniffles Mouse 150514 - 5in 18.50 Jack the Cat 300114 - 4in 20 Bear in Woods 250814 - 6in 25 S A L E S A L E S A L E S A L E Picnic Skunk 251114 - 5in 22.50 Deer Camp 250914 - 7in 27.50 Leprechaun Kitty 150314 - 4in 18.50 SALE 11.10 SALE 11.10 SALE 15 SALE 11.10 SALE 15 SALE 13.50 SALE 16.50 Light the Way Witch 302114 - 9in 30 SALE 12 SALE 13.50 SALE 15 SALE 18 Pie Prep Chef Mouse 350514 - 6in 25 While supplies last Go to to view all sale items SALE 30 Merrymint Chef Elf 500614 - 9in 25 Merrymint Reindeer 450514 - 12in 32 Holly Mouse 600014 - 6in 22.50 Merrymint Santa 400614 15in 50 SALE 19.20 SALE 15 SALE 13.50 Fall Leaf Elf- Gold 351414-9in 22.50 SALE 16.50 Mother Goose 251013 - 10in 27.50 800.433.6557 23 Free Shipping Everyday on orders over 149 Item No. Qty. Description Priceea Total Method of Payment Check Money Order Visa Mastercard Discover Card Account Number Please list all digits on your card Item No. Qty. Description Priceea Total To Order by Phone Dial 1-800-433-6557 Mon-Fri 9am-430pm To Order by Fax Fax this completed form to 1-603-279-6659 24 hours a day To Order by Mail Mail completed Order Form to Annalee Dolls 8 Maple Street Suite 1 Meredith NH 03253 Item No. Qty. Description Priceea Total Expiration Date CVV Code Signature Billing Address Shipping Address if different Customer Number ___________________________ Customer Number ____________________ Name ____________________________ Name ____________________________ Address ________________________________ Address ________________________________ City _____________ State ___ Zip __________ City _____________ State ___ Zip __________ Phone _________________________ Phone _________________________ Email _________________________ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return the item for a refund or exchange. We ask only that you return the unsatisfactory merchandise within 30 days of delivery. ATTN Products subject to minor design and accessory variations. Facial expressions vary making each doll unique Annalees flat shipping rate 0 - 100 9.99 100.01 - 148.99 14.99 149 and over FREE Sub Total Coupon savings Maryland Tax 6 Shipping Total Due Maryland residents must pay 6 sales tax on their order due to our warehouse being located in this state. AnnaleeDolls8MapleStreetSuite1MeredithNH03253 Open Daily 10am-5pm Visit Us Annalee Gift Shop 8 Maple St. MeredithNH Mark Your Calendar BUILD-AN-EASTER BUNNY March 19th at the Annalee Gift Shop Call 800-433-6557 to book your spot 800.433.6557 Assembled in America Collection see p.12 NEW EASTER IS MARCH 27th Stock up on gifts for your Easter baskets