2016 Building a Halloween display

Build your own amazing Halloween display!Assembled in America Halloween display

First decide where your display will go- entryway table, dining table centerpiece, kitchen counter, or maybe a side table in your living room. Lay down a piece of fabric. Something that is solid in color, but that has a little texture works best to allow the dolls to pop. Next choose a variety of sizes of dolls and, if possible, work with odd numbers when arranging your spooky selection! We also recommend using dolls from the same theme, like the “Midnight Ride Collection” , “Checker Dot Collection” or the “Spooky Stars Set”. The largest dolls would go in the back and then build out from there. You may want to use a riser to add a little height to a doll. Be creative with your risers. Try setting the piece on top of a small gourd or playfully pose a Halloween elf on top of your candy container! Finally, add some silk foliage leaves, cob webs or other accessories. Finish off the display with your bowl of Halloween candy for the kids!

Halloween Collection

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